About Riley



Riley Cohn is a sophomore at Fredericksburg High School. She lives with her mom, her sister Sydney, and her seven dogs: Rosie, Chancho, Tooger, Schmitty, Babalou, Ouissie and Dodie. She enjoys drawing and painting, doing water Zumba, making drip castles at the beach, and swimming in the ocean when the water is really cold. Her unique perspective gives her the ability to capture a character’s true essence with the simplest of strokes. Her gift of Autism gives her the ability to see the good and beauty in all.

This is Riley’s second book. Her first book Martin in the Narthex received a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award and raised money and awareness for Autism Speaks. It is available on Amazon.com.


Riley's first book Martin in the Narthex
Riley’s first book Martin in the Narthex


Riley works as manager for the Cross Country and Soccer Teams at Fredericksburg High School.


Riley also loves to bake. Gigantic cupcakes are her specialty.
Riley and her sister being goofy.
Riley and her sister Sydney being goofy.